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downtown Blue Ridge, GA cam Aska Road cam Lake Blue Ridge Web Cam Toccoa River Cam sky cam
Downtown Blue Ridge
Draper Realty Office
Lake Blue Ridge
Toccoa River
Sky Cam
click on a cam thumbnail for streaming video / auto refresh
Centered on 2 wooded acres, no neighbors in sight, price is right: $152,000

The North Georgia mountain region is the smart, affordable solution for second home buyers looking to quickly get away from it all. At just over a 90-minute expressway drive due north of Atlanta, we're the closest real mountains north of the big city, not to mention the retirement mecca of Florida. Nonetheless, the area remains unspoiled because 42% of Fannin County is US National Forest land ( map ), and the vistas here rival the best the US East Coast has to offer.

Smart Money selected Blue Ridge, GA as one of the five best places in the country to buy a vacation home. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution profiled Blue Ridge as a favorite weekend getaway spot for Atlantans. Northern Georgia has long been a second home getaway secret for many Georgia families. With the imminent growth of Atlanta's population and quick & easy access via I-575, the area's popularity will continue to soar as word of the region spreads. After a cheap flight to Atlanta and a short drive on the four-lane, you're ready to relax with the wildlife in the clean mountain air.

Lake Blue Ridge, located less than 5-minutes from the center of town, is the icing on the outdoor enthusiast's cake, not to mention the Toccoa River and the Aska Adventure Area. Ellijay, Georgia is also a popular choice, blessed with an abundance of beautiful, trophy trout streams and a little less driving time from the Atlanta airport.